Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. Each member must represent the profession that is either their main business or is a substantial part of their business activity. Only one core activity can be represented by each member at the meeting.

2. If a member cannot attend a meeting, they can arrange a substitute to attend in their place.

3. Membership fees are payable annually, via bank transfer. Membership is £60 per year. Meeting fees to cover administration costs are £10 per month, payable only via standing order. It is a requirement of membership that the monthly fees are paid via standing order. It is expected that members will set up the standing order from the start of their membership and make monthly payments as long as their membership is active. No refunds will be given unless meetings are cancelled.

4.  Renewal notices will be sent out approximately a month before the renewal is due and payment must be received by the renewal date in order for the membership to continue. 

5. In the event that a member wishes to terminate their membership, whatever the reason, the fees are not refundable

6. In the unlikely event of a conflict or complaint, please speak to Louise who will make every effort to resolve the issue.