About the Group

Lyme Business Network was created in March 2016 by Louise Monblat; a well seasoned networker who has run BNI groups, Women Mean Biz groups, Exeter Business Club and numerous 4Networking meetings. The majority of Louise's business comes via word of mouth recommendation. She used to travel 30 miles and more to network in Exeter, Taunton and beyond. She decided to create a group in her home town of Lyme Regis. Although Lyme Regis and the surrounding area is renowned as a holiday destination and has numerous tourist orientated shops and activities, there are lots of not-so-obvious businesses hidden down side streets and home based which don't receive the same recognition.        

Lyme Business Network is about building strong, long term strategic relationships. It's also about passing business to trusted colleagues, creating a supportive business resource, and having some fun along the way as well!

The aim is to become a TOMATO in your speciality! TOMATO stands for 'top of mind awareness through others' - so when thinking about a problem which needs resolving or a service which needs a specialist, you know who to go to without having to think twice!

The Format of the Group

The group meets twice a month; on the second and fourth Tuesday; 8.30am-9.30am via Zoom. We have a loose 60 second round to get to know each other and our businesses,  and then there is a longer 20-30 minute presentation by a member of the group or by an outside speak. We sometimes include a business surgery spot into the meetings. Members are encouraged to meet for 1-2-1's outside of the meetings to raise awareness, understanding and to build trust. There is no expectation of minimum attendance, referrals or activity. The ethos of the group is we do business organically because we want to rather than doing business because we feel obligated to.